The Lessons of Biogeochemistry

One of the academic journals in my field – Biogeochemistry – is adding an editorial to each issue, motivated in large part by the events of the last few months and the concerns those are causing across all of science (and beyond).  I love to see academic journals break the mold and try new things, and I applaud Editor-in-Chief Kate Lajtha and the board for doing this.  The first editorial was written by Kate and the board – check it out here.

I was asked to write one of the follow up editorials – found here – and while I did so through the lens of biogeochemistry, I believe the points extend across much of science and academia.  We as a broader community are facing almost unprecedented attacks, many of them unfair to be sure. And many of them dangerous, not just to academia but to society.  But…we also must recognize where we need to change and do better.  Finally, while some urgency is warranted right now, we should not forget the lessons of history within and beyond our science.  There is optimism to be found.

As always, I welcome any thoughts you might have.

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