The Science of our Lives

I thought hard before writing and submitting the piece published in the Washington Post today.    It’s obviously highly personal, and I didn’t elevate our story to a national stage lightly.  But in the end I did so because we are not living in anything close to normal times, and along with so many other reasons to stand up for what matters, I know Diana would have been appalled to see what has happened over the past year, since the election, and especially since the inauguration.  And that she would have acted on it by trying to make a difference.  I’ll continue to do the same.  I hope you do as well.  It’s not about Democrats and Republicans, and is about far more than science.  We are seeing the fundamental values of our country, and the pillars of human morality, completely tossed aside. Please be a part of proving that our country is far better than that, no matter what your political leanings might be.



2 thoughts on “The Science of our Lives

  1. Jen Hall-Bowman

    Thank you, Alan. We absolutely understand your reasoning , respect your choice and appreciate your voice in communicating so elegantly the importance of science. You, Diana, and Neva continue to inspire us, leading by example the way we should all engage and lead our lives with compassion and intensity. We are proud to have you as a friend and hope we can contribute to normalizing our world. Tonight I plan to write our representatives and senators to let them know our positions.

    And please, lean on us, if ever support is needed.

    Jen (no reply necessary)

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