Merry Christmas Everyone

We are in the hospital, which is not, of course, where we want to be.  Neva is not her typical bubbly self – and who would be when spending Christmas confined to a hospital bed and chained to an IV pole.  But she is doing fine, and we hope to go home by Friday.   The lumbar drain is working so far, in that we’ve seen no more evidence of CSF leakage.  Tomorrow will be the big test:  they will clamp off the drain and watch for another day.  If things remain dry, home we go.  Whenever we  get there, we’ll hold a slightly belated and overly celebratory run for the tree and stockings the very next morning.

IMG_6622Meanwhile, if the spirit of Christmas is about family and love and community, we are awash in riches.   Yes, we’d like to see Neva doing as she was in this picture from last year, but that will come soon enough.  We have what’s most important, and we still cannot believe how many people have reached out, in so many different ways.  So from our family to yours, thank you all for your incredible support over the past month.  May your own holiday be full of joy and love.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone

  1. Elena

    Happy holidays to you and your family Alan. Happiness is where we find it. Glad you are able to be together, even if, unhappily, in the hospital. Hugs to all of you.


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