Brief Update

Update to below: After a nearly 10 hour surgery, Neva is now in the ICU, which is normal procedure for this operation. She’s doing great considering all she’s been through today. More details when we are able.

I know many of you are anxious to hear how today goes.  It’s currently about 10 AM in Colorado, and Neva is in surgery now.  We just received our first update from the OR and all is going very well and according to plan, but it is a long procedure so it will be another few hours until she’s done and we know full details on the tumor removal.  When we are able to share more news, we will.  As always, thanks for the overwhelming amount of support.

Neva was a trooper this morning as always.  Two days ago, we stopped by a bike shop (as I do perhaps too frequently…), and Neva spied a little bike she just had to try.  She’s had a similar bike for a year, but she’s never been able to pedal it very well, and as such has never wanted to ride it.  But we said ok, pulled it down, and on she climbed.  And proceeded to rip off laps around the store until we had no choice but to bring the bike home.  Whereupon she insisted on rearranging the living room into a “racetrack”:

Yesterday morning, she woke up before 6 – much earlier than usual – and lobbied us relentlessly for 30 minutes or more about going downstairs.  Why?  To do this:

As we learned right away in all of this, she is ready and will lead the way.


3 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Diane McKnight

    Diana and Alan- We’re thinking of you and hoping for a smooth, uneventful recovery for Neva. Hopefully she can come home soon to ride her new bike.

  2. Henry Gholz

    Diana and Alan, Jan and I are thinking of you and Neva and hoping it all went as smoothly as it could. I had been freaking out about my 3 yr old granddaughter getting her tonsils out this week, but Neva’s experience is beyond anything I can imagine and has put things in a very different perspective! May you all have a very happy holidays this year. Henry


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