The little things that get you through

Diana and I have both noted how humbled we are by the support from so many.  If you’ve been through something like this, and are lucky enough to have friends and family like ours, you know how much this support means.  The email below is emblematic of what’s come our way.  It’s from a friend we love and admire (I’ve kept the author anonymous here)….but not one of our closest, longest-term friends.  And that’s the point.  It is one of many extraordinary gestures that we’ve received over the past two weeks, ranging from people we’ve known our entire lives to ones we’ve never even met.   As I wrote earlier, one thing we’ve learned is that a broken heart can also be surprisingly full.  Once again, thank you all.

Alan and Diana, 

I have been meaning to write to you two, but honestly the words to say to your friends when they have found out their daughter has a brain tumor have not come easily to me. I know my first response to Diana’s facebook post (‘This sucks.’) does not do adequately express my feelings, so let me try again: This really fucking sucks. When I think about you guys, which has been often lately, or read your blog I start crying. I have been tearing up a lot — I am right now. I’m not sure where you guys fall on the faith spectrum; I don’t have any belief in God and I suspect most of my biologist friends feel similarly. I can sure see the appeal though, because hoping for a good outcome and thinking often of your family doesn’t seem to be enough. In times like these, I am envious of the believers because it would really feel more powerful and cathartic to say a prayer than to just hope for the best. I can be happy that Neva has the best two parents I can think of to get her through this. I can be happy that you two are selfless and eloquent enough to let your friends and family into your hearts through your blog posts, which have been nothing short of amazing. I can be happy knowing that you are thoroughly vetting the best doctors out there. And I can think about you guys and I can hope for the best. Hang in there.


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