Back in the Game, a New Direction Here, and NSF’s first blog

For anyone who still stops by this site, it will be obvious that I’ve violated a basic tenet of successful blogging.  As in, you actually have to, you know….write something…

This was not benign neglect, but rather an intentional hiatus.  Shortly after launching this site, I agreed to do a stint at NSF as a Director of the Division of Environmental Biology.  Not knowing what restrictions – real or perceived – might apply to that role, I decided to put the site on hold until I had a better sense of both my available time and what I could (or could not) say.

I’m still at NSF for awhile, but the blog hiatus is about to end.  The intent is for this site to evolve and expand a bit.  It will become the core web site for my lab group at CU-Boulder, and the State Factors blog will shift to include an opportunity for others – especially those in my lab – to contribute content.  So please stop by again in the near future.

Last, be on the lookout for a new blog – the first in NSF’s history.   Though my absence from here might make it seem otherwise, I’m a firm believer in how a range of Web 2.0 technologies can help us learn better, connect more, and communicate more effectively.  That includes blogs, so I’ve spent the last few months pushing NSF to allow the Division of Environmental Biology to be the testbed for the agency’s long-needed foray into the blogosphere.   To NSF’s credit, the green light for that site is now on, and it will include true two-way communication options.  It being the federal government, we can’t simply open up a WordPress or other site on the fly – it now needs to roll through the internal IT process, so it’s likely to be a few more weeks until the site is live. But it’s coming, and I hope everyone with interests in environmental funding at NSF finds it useful.


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