Yep…it’s yet another blog with an environmental theme.  Where I’ll go with this site remains to be seen, but my primary intent is to use it to share thoughts – or  point you to links of interest – on a variety of environmental science issues.  Sooner or later, you’re likely to run into posts on tropical forests, on climate change, and on how humans are changing Earth’s carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles (and why we should all give a damn).  The blog title honors soil scientist Hans Jenny, whose work on the “state factors” of soil development has had an enormous influence on our understanding of how ecosystems work, and how they may respond to human-driven environmental change.

I don’t tend to be a gloom-and-doomer about what people are doing to the ecosystems that surround us…but I do believe that society faces a daunting list of environmental challenges.  As an environmental scientist, it’s my job to help identify what some of those challenges are – and hopefully what some of the technical solutions might be.  It’s not my job to tell everyone what to do about them!  In a democratic society, that debate should include all of us.  I’ll simply say I believe there’s much we can do to address our environmental challenges – often without turning our lives upside down – but only if we move beyond the damaging and misleading rhetoric that too often characterizes the interface between environmental science and societal action.

I’ll also use this site as a forum to share news, images and/or videos on the accomplishments and adventures of my lab group, of our collaborators, and of the Environmental Studies Program at CU-Boulder that I’m privileged to direct.

And last, I can’t promise not to include the occasional diversion into family and outdoor recreation realms…

Like something, hate something, or are bored to tears?  Let me know!


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